Is 5G launched in India soon?

5G mobiles will not be launched in India by 2019. But these phones are already launched in foreign countries. Now the question arises in mind. When will it launch? How much time does it take? As the Indian government is working and saying that it will be launched soon by 2020.


Basically it is the 5TH generation of technology. It is faster than the older G’s. The network speed is about 6-7 MBPS. In comparison to 25 MBPS in other countries.

5G towers

Benefits of 5G.

with this everything become too fast It becomes easy for customers to download high HD movies easily. Again customers need to buy a new handset that supports this technology. 5G can also help make transport and infrastructure more efficient by making it smart.

When launched in India?

In April South Korea and u.s becomes the world’s first country who launched 5G. China is also working on its license. The central government of India targeted 2020 for the commercial launch. The government launched a 3-year program that started in March 2018 to advance innovation and research in 5G with a budget of Rs 224 crores. Eri has installed a 5G test at IIT Delhi for developing. And its application in broadband at low latency areas. This will help develop India’s specific usage scenarios and applications.

Are there any apprehensions?

Airtel and Vodafone Idea have expressed apprehensions about the auction this year. They have pointed out that the reserve price of these airwaves is very high. Besides, there are currently no India specific use cases for the deployment of 5G… By at least 30% to 40% compared to international rules and vendue in other markets such as South Korea and the U.S.

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