How to Start A Blog?

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Don’t Know how to start a blog?? How can you make and all the things handled?…. All the answers are here…Let’s start

Steps to start a blog:-

1:Pick a website name and domain name for your website.

2: Picking the best hosting to start blogging.

3: Select a domain name and hosting for your blogging.

4:What’s your website all about?

5: Setup the design of the website.

6: Install the best WordPress plugins.

7: Write your first blog post.

8: Don’t forget to add important pages.

9: Drive traffic.

10:Getting social.

Step 1: Pick a website name and domain name for your website

Rules for selecting a domain name:

  • Not more than 26 characters.
  • Don’t use dictionary words.
  • Use a unique domain name.
  • Easy to pronounce.
  • Easy to remember.
  • No special characters used in a name.

Step 2: Picking the best hosting to start the blogging:

Now it seems you are confused…Hosting, what is this?? Don’t worry. It is a webspace for your website.

when we want to construct a House or Building. We buy land just like when we want to make a website we need hosting…

Now the biggest question arises from where you buy web hosting? There are many websites but some of the best are:

  • Bluehost – Best Uptime Hosting ($2.75/mo)
  • HostGator Cloud – Most Unlimited Hosting ($2.99/mo)
  • Hostinger – Cheapest Web Hosting ($0.99/mo)
  • SiteGround – Best WordPress Support ($3.95/mo)
  • GoDaddy – Most Popular Web Host ($3.66/mo)
  • WebHostingBuzz – Small, But Reliable Web Host ($4.99/mo)

Step 3: Select the Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms but WordPress is famous and best. 75% of Earning websites are built on WordPress. But it’s your choice which platform you want to choose. Some best platforms are:

  • Medium: Best Platform for Simplicity
  • Best Sandbox Platform
  • LinkedIn: Best Platform for Professionals
  • Guest Blogging: Best Platform for Building Your Authority

Now you have to install the media whatever you choose. Like I choose WordPress so I have to install it. Here are all the steps:

Step 4: What’s your blog all about?

This is not a very difficult task but a very important step in all of these. Some peoples do all the steps perfectly but they don’t understand this step. Simple ways to choose your blog topic :

  • The first recommendation mine is chosen the blog topic on which you have huge knowledge.
  • Choose trending topics on all your blogs about. Like fitness and technology is in trending now.
  • You can also make a blog that solves your visitor’s problems.
  • And remind the first impression is the last impression.

Step 5: Design your blog using Themes and plugins

website design is the most important aspect of your blog. As we know Because a good design will ensure that your visitors will love your blog.

blog theme

In fact, that is how your visitors will remember your website. Imagine your website design as you with a nice outfit. Choose a theme related to your website not the other.

Step 6: choose the best WordPress plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins. But some of the best are below you must use them:

  • Yoast Seo
  • Jetpack
  • Elementor
  • W3cache
  • Wr-optimize
  • Google analytics
  • Mailchimp
  • Smart slider
Blog elementor

Step 7: Writing your first Blog post

writing your first blog post is ever best fellings. But while writing a blog post. You have to remember some points given below:

  • Your content should be unique. Don’t copy from other websites. You can check your content is copyright or not by using plagiarism tools.
  • Don’t use images of other websites. Download free copyright images from
  • You can attach videos from youtube too.
  • For a full guide on content, writing contacts us.

Step 8: Don’t forget to add important pages

These are some important pages:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy

Step 9: Drive traffic

For traffic, you have to know some techniques like SEO(search engine optimization). It is a technique by which your website ranks no.1 on google. And according to many surveys, people visit the top websites most. For more details on how to grow traffic contacts us.

Step 10: Getting social

Grow your website through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc.

Now make money from your Blogging. Some popular ways are:

blog amazon
blog media
blog adsense

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