Alienware M15 Review and specifications

Design and display

Alienware has clearly taken its brilliant mothership-like ‘Legend’ design identity and adapted. It to its thin-and-light gaming laptop chassis to incredible effect. This is one of the raddest-looking gaming laptops. We have ever seen. We are elated to see the design within a chassis that’s actually remotely portable.

Available in Dell’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Lunar Light” color options, the soft-touch paint feels somehow more premium than some aluminum-clad gaming laptops and miles away from the standard plastic frames we so often see. The logo work on the lid makes the laptop seem as if it’s one of a fleet ready for take-off into the next orbital conflict.

msi Alienware

We appreciate its display testing. For the competitive set, we’re sure that a 240Hz refresh rate is bound to impress.Likewise for the more immersion-driven gamers and that 4K OLED panel. However, you’re likely to need the most powerful GPU on offer to drive the latter effectively, which will get pricey quick.

Performance of Alienware

It’s tough to glean too much regarding a laptop’s performance from a few brief minutes with the thing. However, we know that exactly what this device will house inside. At the entry-level, we’re not terribly optimistic about what experience it will provide at the price listed.

Also, it’s interesting that Alienware hasn’t opened up the RAM expansion options to 32GB. It has on products like the 2019 XPS 15 and XPS 13 2-in-1, of all things. Surely, gamers that like to broadcast gaming from their laptop to Twitch would appreciate the extra memory to handle such an endeavor??..

At the highest end, there’s little doubt that this laptop will deliver on expectations and then some, but at what cost? If such entry-level performance will end up costing so much. We’re not left confident that more impressive performance will be accessible to most folks.

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